Payout (2.0.0)


Welcome to PayG. The product suite allows you to disburse payments. PayG provides the facility to access all major payment modes, which includes NEFT, RTGS, IMPS.

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Select the authentic product to initiate payments to your vendors,agents,etc.

Create a PayG Account 🔗

  1. Create your account with phoneno & email

  2. To learn more about our sign up process, refer to our sign up documentation.

  3. Prerequsities - Payg account with merchantkeyid, authentication key, authentication token.
    Authentication key , Authentication token are available in Merchant Panel.(MerchantLogin - Settings- Authentication keys)

  4. Uniquerequestid for every order/transaction

To access the Dashboard, you must have a PayG account. To create an account: Click here