Payment Error Codes:

Error Code Message Field Name Description
0001 Null request null values request returning null value
0002 Authorization Header Header Header is null
0003 Authorization Parameter Parameter Parameter is null
0004 Authorization Parameter Length Parameter Parameter length
0005 UniqueRequestId Length UniqueRequestId UniqueRequestId Length Should not be greater 10 character
0006 Invalid URL RedirectUrl Url format is not correct
0007 Invalid Amount Order Amount Amount should be greater than 0
0008 Invalid MerchantkeyId MerchantkeyId MerchantKeyId is not valid
0009 Duplicate UniqueRequestId UniqueRequestId UniqueRequestId is already exist
0011 Invalid PaymentType PaymentType You are not Enabled for DebitCard
0012 Invalid PaymentType PaymentType You are not Enabled for CredtCard
0013 Invalid PaymentType PaymentType You are not Enabled for Upi
0014 Invalid PaymentType PaymentType You are not Enabled for Wallet
0015 Invalid PaymentType PaymentType You are not Enabled for NetBanking
0016 Invalid PaymentType PaymentType You are passing wrong Payment Type
0017 Invalid IP Address IP Address IP address is required for Transaction
0018 Redirect url required RedirectUrl Redirect URL is required for Transaction
0019 PaymentType Required PaymentType Payment Type is required for Transaction
0020 Vpa Required Vpa VPA is required for Transaction
0021 Card Details Required Card Card details are required for Transaction
0022 Encryption Details Required Encryption Encryption details are required for Transaction
0023 Encryption Key invalid Encryption Key Provided EncryptionKey is not correct
0024 Wallet Type Required WalletType Wallet Type is required for transaction
0025 Bank Name Required BankName Bank Name is required for transaction
0026 Invalid Card CardNo Invalid Card Number
0027 Invalid IP Address IPAddress Provided IP address is not valid
0028 Invalid VPA VPA Provided VPA address is not valid
0029 Invalid Amount Amount Minimum amount 51 is required for Net Banking
0030 Invalid Wallet Wallet Type Provided Wallet Type is incorrect
0031 CardNo Required CardNo Card Number Required for Transaction
0032 Card Name Required NameOnCard Card Name Required for Transaction
0033 Expiry Date Required ExpiryDate Expiry Date Required for Transaction
0034 CVV Required CVV CVV Required for Transaction
0035 EncryptionKey Required EncryptionKey EncryptionKey Required for Transaction
0036 EncryptionType Required EncryptionType EncryptionType Required for Transaction
0037 SaltKey Required SaltKey SaltKey Required for Transaction
0038 DeviceType Required DeviceType DeviceType Required for Transaction
0039 Invalid CVV CVV Please provide correct CVV
0040 Invalid Expriy Date Expiry Date Please provide correct Expiry Date
0041 Invalid Transaction Invalid Transaction Already Refund Initiated for this Transaction
0042 Invalid Transaction TransactionId Provided details are wrong
0043 Low Balance Amount Low Balance
0044 Invalid Transaction TransactionDate Refund is not allowed after 90 days
0045 Invalid Transaction Amout Partial refund is not allowed
0046 Invalid Details ContactNo. This country code phone number not allowed
0047 Invalid Details ProductData Product Data is not passed in proper json format
0048 Invalid Details KycData KycData Data is not passed in proper json format
0049 Invalid Details MerchantKeyId Sorry your merchant is not authorized to accept payments. Please contact the admin
0050 Invalid Details Ip Address System Ip Addresss is required
0051 Invalid Details Upi data Upi MerchantInfo details are not available. Please contact the admin
0052 Invalid Details Risk configuration Your order creation stopped as your order value is higher than the risk configuration large limit amount
0053 Invalid Details ProductData Need to Pass ProductData
0054 TempApproval Merchant INSTANTPAYMENTLINK Transaction is not allowed above 50k ,Please contact admin